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The Alarming Thing About Climate Alarmism

It is an indisputable fact that carbon emissions are rising—and faster than most scientists predicted. But many climate-change alarmists seem to claim that all climate change is worse than expected. This ignores that much of the data are actually encouraging.

Article published in the Wall Street Journal. Reproduced with permission from Dow Jones and Company, Inc.


FutureGen Project Shutdown Could Harm EPA’s CCS Justification In NSPS

The decision by the Department of Energy (DOE) to pull the plug on $1 billion in funding for the FutureGen carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) project could legally undermine EPA’s proposed new source performance standard (NSPS) that requires new coal plants to install the technology, critics say.

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Coal: A Powerful Force for Creating Global Energy Access

Bringing electricity to developing nations has been a global effort for the past 20 years and, according to a recent study released by the Manhattan Institute’s Center for Energy Policy and the Environment, coal has brought light, economic prosperity and a higher standard of living to hundreds of millions of people… far more than any other source of energy.


NCC: Why We Should Speed Deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage Technology

Society faces the twin energy challenges of providing affordable electricity to satisfy continued global demand and creating electricity access for billions who lack proper power.