Advanced Energy For Life


Extending the Elevating Hand of Modern Electricity for Healthier Living and a Cleaner Environment

By Greg Boyce
Executive Chairman
Peabody Energy

In the months leading to the Paris climate talks this winter, it’s time to take stock of priorities. What is the state of the human condition for billions globally… What is the state of the world’s economy… What is the state of the world’s environment… And how can we build a brighter future for each?


The Price Tag For Uprooting America’s Electric Grid

By Thomas Pyle
President of the Institute for Energy Research

In an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal, president of the Institute for Energy Research Thomas Pyle writes that scrapping the existing coal fleet to build new generators would impose expensive and unnecessary costs on the public. At $73.40 per megawatt-hour, electricity generated from new natural gas plants is about twice as expensive as from existing coal plants. This is due mostly to the plant’s upfront capital costs. Replacing coal with renewable sources is even more expensive. The IER study found that installing and operating new wind facilities would cost $106.80 per megawatt-hour.


Technology – Not Caps – Is the Answer for Clean, Affordable Energy

By Greg Boyce
Executive Chairman
Peabody Energy

There is much talk about where America should get its power following the administration’s stunning attempt to rewrite the playbook for our U.S. energy supply. The new carbon plan favors a switch to the most expensive forms of energy. It puts at risk the best, most reliable power system in the world. And it quite literally throws caution to the wind for political convenience with no notable benefit under climate theory.


What Powers Life in Just One Day

Every day our lives are shaped by what we see, where we go and what we do, and these actions are greatly attributed to modern conveniences powered by low cost electricity from coal. In just one day, the world is energized by 21 million tonnes of coal. Coal fuels more energy than any other source and is by far the world’s lowest cost major source of power.

Watch the video to see the power behind our modern lives.


Pope Francis’s Poverty And Environment Ideas Will Worsen Both

By Kathleen Hartnett White
Director of the Armstrong Center for Energy and the Environment at the Texas Public Policy Foundation

Socialism, fascism, and one-world government are not solutions to poverty and environmental degradation, as Pope Francis’s encyclical seems to suggest.


EPA Clean Power Plan Will Hit Blacks and Hispanics Hardest

By Harry C. Alford
President/CEO National Black Chamber of Commerce

The Obama administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and environmental activists frequently claim that climate change will disproportionately affect poor and minority communities.


Don’t Let the EPA Win by Losing

By Thomas Pyle
President of the American Energy Alliance

The Supreme Court has struck a blow against the EPA’s out-of-control rulemaking. This is no time to surrender preemptively.


Supreme Court Pushes Back on EPA Overreach

Peabody Energy President and Chief Executive Officer Glenn Kellow today praised the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) rule for power plant emissions.


High-Efficiency Technologies: Essential for Energy Access and Emission Reductions

The energy decisions we advance today must ensure a clean, reliable supply of affordable electricity for all people around the world, says Peabody Energy Executive Chairman Greg Boyce. Greater use of high-efficiency, low emissions technologies can help achieve these objectives.


Peabody Energy Executive Chairman Greg Boyce at 21st Conference of Montreal: Technology is the Bridge to a Low-Carbon Energy Future

Peabody Energy Executive Chairman Gregory H. Boyce has called for greater deployment of high-efficiency, low emissions (HELE) technology as the bridge toward sustainable global energy systems. Boyce delivered remarks during an energy plenary discussion at the International Economic Forum of the Americas Conference of Montreal.

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